Scaling of Teeth (Teeth cleaning)

Why Scaling of Teeth (Teeth cleaning) is necessary & how it is carried out?

Sometimes Yellow or a black colour hard substance called Calculus / Tarter gets collected on the teeth. This irritates & inflames the Gums. Continuous inflammation results in Bone loss & gingiva ( Gum ) shrinking. Thereby the foundation of teeth get weakened & teeth become loose.

It is necessary to remove the Calculus / Tarter collected on the teeth by Professional cleaning. This is done by Ultrasonic Scaler.

The Autoclaved Clean tip is attached to Ultrasonic Scaler & frequency is set.The machine is calibrated in such a way, that when used properly, it removes only Calculus / Tarter and does not harm tooth structure.

The stains formed on the teeth are also removed by Ultrasonic Scaler.

Finally, the teeth are polished by Polishing paste to leave clean teeth.